Vijay Prayag
Prayag is the CEO and founder of Lilofee International helping people around the globe achieve boundless success and prosperity in all areas of their lives.
He is a Dynamic Workshop Leader and Trainer, Engaging Speaker. A Fourteen years Corporate career, his own Consulting business and a commitment to individuals has given him the ability to bring out potential within people.
Prayag provides a wealth of experience in the areas of personal fulfillment, motivation, focus, balancing work/home and business success.
Prayag’s passion is helping people become empowered, achieve life success, and their personal and professional goals.
Prayag is a coach, mentor and entrepreneur. From the age of 14, Prayag has been studying successful people, personal development and success strategies. He understands the power of having a coach and mentor to achieve success.
Prayag has had the honor of being coached and mentored by a number of millionaires and successful leaders over the years

The Secret of Living Is Giving
“The secret of living is giving,” says Prayag. “It’s dreaming. It loves other people, and love is the glue that holds it all together.”
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+91 (India) 76676 44558